MonitorWare Console - Data Viewer & Analyzer

MonitorWare Console from Adiscon is a user-friendly analytical tool for log viewing and analysis. It provides proactive network management and dynamic reporting on the move. It helps to keep an eye on a network and detect weak spots, intrusions as well as carrying out forensic analysis.

It not only works with MonitorWare line of products but it also generates reports on log files generated by other tools. Console comes with a number of pre-configured formats. Additional formats can be added by a simple format definition.

Its capabilities are ideal for network administrators/planners, desktop support professionals, system analysts, system administrators, internet managers and technical support personals to make their lives easy. [Quick Tour to MonitorWare Console]

Key Benefits

  • Customizable Views: Users can define their own views of the data in a system.

  • Flexible Reporting: MonitorWare Console ships with several pre built great reporting options and users can create and add their own custom reports by applying various filters.

  • Report Generation: MonitorWare Console generates intelligent reports using log files as well as databases. Job Manager a Windows service helps to generate reports on defined schedules.

  • Knowledge Base: Keep and track important notes and technical details or articles regarding your system in one centralized Knowledge Base.

  • Track System Devices: Keep track of all the machines and devices in your network by creating a profile for each.

  • Tools: MonitorWare Console comes with various tools like ICMP Lookup Tool, Database Maintenance Tools (Delete Records Tool, Backup Records Tool and Retrieve Records Tool), Network Tools (Ping Tool, TraceRoute Tool and PortScan Tool) and Export / Import Database Settings Tool which help the user.

Note: You can take a Quick Tour to MonitorWare Console to know more about its exciting features like changing database for report generation on the fly, time zone handling, database support, user management, localization support and many more.

Release Information

MonitorWare Console 3.1 released! New in this release is a new Event Log report, as well as the enhanced log file parser. Now you are able to use textfile logs for Pix and Windows reports.[more] Download Trial Version


  • For complete monitoring solution, team up MonitorWare Console with other Adiscon Products. [More]

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Adiscon Products are Microsoft Windows 2003 Ready

MonitorWare provides an integrated solution for monitoring Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista systems. Easy to install and operate, it saves the administrator's day instantly.

Rainer Gerhards, President, Adiscon

MonitorWare Console 3.1 released! The new release offers bugfixes, a new Windows report and a improved logfile parser. [more] Free Download


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