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The MonitorWare System is continuously being developed. This archive holds past news releases on the MonitorWare Console. Information specific to WinSyslog and the other members is available at the respective product sites.

2007-09-17 MonitorWare Console 3.1 Released
2006-10-04 MonitorWare Console 3.0 Released
2005-09-12 MonitorWare Console 2.2 Released
2005-02-01 MonitorWare Console 2.1 Final Released
2004-07-08 MonitorWare Console 2.1 Beta Released
2004-04-15 MonitorWare Console 2.0 Final Released
2004-02-11 MonitorWare Console 2.0 Beta Released
2003-09-29 MonitorWare Console 1.1 Released
2003-07-15 MonitorWare Console Released
2003-04-24 Adiscon Products run under Windows Server 2003
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