MonitorWare Console Features

Adiscon MonitorWare Console is the latest product of Adiscon's MonitorWare line of products for log viewing and analysis. It works together with the other members of Adiscon's MonitorWare line of products to provide a centralized view of the system-generated events data.

MonitorWare Console helps network administrators to quickly watch what is going on in the network. It also helps security administrators to find weak spots and aids in detecting intrusions as well as doing forensic analysis.

MonitorWare Console comes with the following modules:

In the following lines, core features of MonitorWare Console will be discussed.

  • Modular License Structure

    Keeping our customers in mind "Modular Licensing" is introduced in MonitorWare Console. It comes with a flexible, feature-based licensing, so that you only need to pay for what you actually need. With this approach, we have ensured that our valuable customers only pay for the specific functionality in which they are interested in, and hence reducing the cost.

  • Customizable Views

    MonitorWare Console offers Views which can be customized to show an overview, while allowing to view detail data with just a mouse click. Users can define their own views of the data in a system. MonitorWare Agent or WinSyslog logs the data to a central database and MonitorWare Console allows users to view that data in various combinations.

    See the Views Module for more information.

  • Comprehensive Reports

    The reports generated by MonitorWare Console tell administrators about system health and security. MonitorWare Console offers flexible and extendible reporting features. In addition to several useful reporting templates provided with the application, users can order new reports exactly according to their own requirements and these new reports will be incorporated in MonitorWare Console application seamlessly.

    You have the option of generating the reports on the fly from a "Database" or "Log Files"!! Even if MonitorWare Console is connected to some other database, still you can give DSN (of any MonitorWare Database), and the report will be generated on that particular database to which the DSN is pointing to. Same is true for Log Files!

    See the Windows' Reports Page, PIX's Reports Page and Bonus Reports Page for more information and examples.

  • Scheduling Reports

    Another strong feature that is provided by MonitorWare Console is "Scheduling of Reports". This can be done using the Job Manager from the MonitorWare Console Client. It is a Window Service that runs in the background and generates the reports according to user-defined schedule. It also has the capability of sending the generated reports to specified recipients via email. It also allows multiple schedules of any report. This service will only be available to you if you have a valid license for "Windows Reporting Module" or "PIX Reporting Module" or both.

    See the Job Manager for more information.

  • Database Maintenance

    MonitorWare Console also provides "Archiver" functionality i.e. integrated archival and restore of database contents. You can Backup, Delete and Retrieve records from the underlying database.

    See the Base Product for more information.

  • Devices and Knowledge Base Modules

    MonitorWare Console offers also modules for storing data about devices or for creating a powerful Knowledge Base. You can add devices like workstations and a lot of their technical data, to create a complete list of devices. The Knowledge Base module allows all users to create articles about several problems which occurred and solutions to them. So, these modules can be used to build a useful site repository.

    See the Devices Modules and Knowledge Base Module for more information.

  • Troubleshooting

    Integrated diagnostic tools like a network port scanner, ping and traceroute make troubleshooting easy. Use the port scanner to check open ports of the target. The ping and traceroute tools are pretty similar to the system commands of Windows. You can open these troubleshooting dialogs multiple times, so you can run multiple portscans / pings / traceroutes at the same time.

    See the Network Scanning Tools for more information.

  • Close integration into Adiscon's web resources.

    MonitorWare Console is closely integrated into our web resources like the event and Syslog discussion forums and Adiscon's security references. For example, events in the reports generated by MonitorWare Console are hyperlinks to our online Event Repository at

As a special offer, customers interested in a specific report can submit a request to Adiscon. After reviewing the request, Adiscon will most probably be able to include the new report for free!

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